Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stitch from Stash March 2014

So I splurged this month too.  My LNS was having a St. Patrick’s Day sale – you know, 17% off.  I went there to look for one of the Little House sheep and came away with this.


This is far more impressive than it looks.  The Lizzie Kates were full price, less the 17%, but all the other were 50 cents each.  I know!  It’s amazing what you can think you need at that price.  Which came out to be $14.52.

On the plus side, I did resist a sale on some Disney patterns on Etsy.

Not a lot of stitching this month.  I finished a Santa piece for the Smalls SALL and started a rune pattern Dork Stitch made.  I’m aiming for more stitching and less shopping next month.  Unless there’s another splurge weekend of course.

Happy stitching World

Small SAL March 2014

My life has been taken over lately by extraordinarily mundane things.  But I see a light at the end of the tunnel when Anomaly Con rolls around this weekend.  Before the mundane attack there was what has to rate as a perfect cross stitch day.  I was sitting by the window watching it snow and playing some Martin Denny (think Tiki musicJ). Then I managed to finish this.

It’s called Relaxin’ Santa from Tropical Christmas by Stoney Creek.

I haven’t decided what to do for next month yet.  But I’m sure something will turn up.

Happy stitching World