Saturday, September 24, 2011

I got a little distracted...

From the Retro Cat that is.  I blame it on the extra fabric from the Be Hippie sitting too close to these Halloween designs.  Suddenly I just had to find out how this haunted house would look on there.  The answer so far is pretty good.  That’s mostly because of the purple I think.  Not the first color that comes to mind but it seems to work.

As far as the Be Hippie picture goes there’s some progress to report.  I’ve finished her hair and part of the sun.  Then I started on the words because I like that color. J  I haven’t found a color I like for her headband yet.  I may look at solid colors instead of variegated.

And after that I really did make some progress on the Retro Cat.  I finished all the leaves.  I keep wanting to say that’s one whole color done.  Then I remember the cat’s eyes are green too.  Ah well, getting closer.  I’ll save that picture for next time.
Happy Stitching World.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My IHSW and some progress

It’s Sunday night and the end of another IHSW.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress.
Apparently taking up larger projects than I normally do has come with a strange side effect.  I want to adapt them.  Take my new project.  It’s called “Don’t Worry, Be Hippie” by Barbara Ana Designs.  The changes to this one were motivated by what I didn’t have.  Like the fabric. J  This is what stash is really for isn’t it?  The pattern calls for 6 different shades of DMC variations floss.  Naturally from the 20 skeins I have I’m still short one.  So the pants become a different color – no worries.  After that it calls for an Anchor multicolor shade I didn’t even know existed.  Good thing I have all those other colors to choose from.  I haven’t decided what I’m replacing that with just yet.
Believe it or not, I did actually start.  You couldn’t really tell at first because the skin tone is so close to the fabric color.  It helps now that I have the cheeks and hair on both sides. 

All that adjusting has caused me to look at my Retro Cat picture differently as well.  While learning to cope with the fact that I’m not going to zoom through the wall as quickly as I hoped (!?) I started considering some color changes to other bits.  The chair should still be orange but the lamp doesn’t have to be the same shade right.  Guess we’ll see if I remember when I get to that part.

Have a great week.
Happy stitching World.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Finish!!

No, not the wall. (sigh)  But the Halloween Hat is done!  Many things I could say that would seem witty to me.  I’ll settle for its done and I like it more than not.
And what have I started in its place?  Nothing.  I have this picture in mind but after substituting fabric and shades of variegated floss I discovered I didn’t have the color for the face.  Typical.  Lucky for me there’s a Michaels near the library and I have books to return today. J
So no pictures of the Retro Cat (or even the wall) this time.  Next time that and my new start.

Happy stitching World.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Things that aren't progressing as well as they could

You would not believe how hard I tried not to get anything done on the Retro Cat this week.  But you will believe how well it worked.  Ha.
 The Halloween Hat is coming closer to being finished.  Right now I’m thinking of finishing the purple first then the other colors.  This of course could change by tomorrow. J
Speaking of changing (as in my mind), I’ve been reading some other blogs that talk about bucket lists.  I can’t do it.  The other day I went leafing through some of the magazines I’ve collected over the last couple of decades. (?!)  In the space of two issues I came up with about 30 things I’d like to do.  Sigh.  Guess I’d better get busy.  Besides if I start more things I’ll have an even better reason to join the WIPocalypse.  Check Measi’s Musings blog for all the details. Look here. It sounds like fun.
I’m off to work more on the wall section.  Honest.  I want to progress on that before I start something new for my birthday next weekend.  Naturally this won’t stop me if I don’t get it done, but it would be nice.