Monday, May 28, 2012

Splash of another color

Ok, I made it through the building which apparently does show up in the picture. J  I couldn’t wait any longer to do something besides blue so I found some other spots to start on.  That blotch of orange is the chair arm.  The light purple is a design in the wallpaper. I think it’s meant to be wallpaper.  The new colors certainly give it a different look.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a great week ahead.

 Happy stitching World.

Monday, May 21, 2012

IHSW May and more mail

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was good even though I went off to the comic shop on Saturday instead of posting about my mail like I should have.  Thanks to some odd rules of the US postal service, Topcho thought her first package she sent for our bookmark exchange might have gone astray.  So she very kindly (and quickly) made up more, which arrived last week.  Three more cool bookmarks and a sweet little keychain.  Plus some very nice extras, including a magazine full of patterns to add to my longer than life to do list.  Thank you Topcho for all your hard work!  Speaking of things to add to your to do list, be sure to check out Topcho’s blog (here) for her tutorial on using textile medium on paper napkins for cross stitch.  As the lucky recipient of two bookmarks I can tell you the results are very nice.

Despite its many side effects: tangling, knotting (especially right after dangling to prevent that) and possible fraying, I like using longer than recommended pieces of floss.  I get more done when I tell myself “I’ll just do one thread.”  Of course it also still never goes as far as I think it will, but not surprise there right?  Babbling aside, I’ve finished the short blue side down to the chair top.  I feel I should point out the shape of the building that’s now visible.  It gets filled in with 791 so right now I’m not sure how well that will show up in real life let alone pictures.  So next plan (this week anyway) is to fill in the building and bring the other side down to match.  Then the chair!

Happy stitching World.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A finish (and more blue)

There’s joy in my little corner of stitchville tonight.  I’ve finished the Mini Mystery SAL hosted by Manka. (See her blog here.)  Her design was a Hungarian Folk Art motif.  My thanks to her for the great design.  It was a lot of fun and hopefully she will share more with us in the future.

More joy? Nah, just more blue.  But every stitch brings you that much closer to the last one right!  I was reading on another blog the definition of a “screaming rotation”.  That’s when you work on something until something else screams louder.  I’m thinking that explains why I started working on the wider portion of blue instead of finishing the little section on the left.  It was just screaming louder. J

Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow to everyone in the U.S.  And a happy day to everyone else too!!  We all deserve it.

Happy stitching World.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

May WIPocalypse, Mini Mystery SAL and more.

First up: May WIPocalypse.  A small but steady advance on Do Not Disturb.  I’ve decided (once again) to try to focus on this project.  It’s worked for the first five days of the month so who knows what could happen!

Manka is hosting a mini mystery SAL on her blog. (Here)  After taking forever to pick out colors I can happily report that I’ve completed the first part.  I’m looking forward to finishing and trying again with different colors.

Now for that other thing I keep mentioning – the Retro Cat.  Progress! I’ve finished the widest portion of blue and made it down to the break for the building.  Such excitement. J  All I have to do now is make sure I have enough 792 to finish the whole section.  I know, it’s always something.

Happy stitching World.