Saturday, May 12, 2012

A finish (and more blue)

There’s joy in my little corner of stitchville tonight.  I’ve finished the Mini Mystery SAL hosted by Manka. (See her blog here.)  Her design was a Hungarian Folk Art motif.  My thanks to her for the great design.  It was a lot of fun and hopefully she will share more with us in the future.

More joy? Nah, just more blue.  But every stitch brings you that much closer to the last one right!  I was reading on another blog the definition of a “screaming rotation”.  That’s when you work on something until something else screams louder.  I’m thinking that explains why I started working on the wider portion of blue instead of finishing the little section on the left.  It was just screaming louder. J

Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow to everyone in the U.S.  And a happy day to everyone else too!!  We all deserve it.

Happy stitching World.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for taking part in my mini SAL!

  2. Love the little SAL, great colors you chose.

  3. Hi

    Your SAL finish is lovely!

    Your WIP looks great too.

  4. Looking good Tiki. You'll get it all done eventually. (I can't deal with a screaming rotation. Everything screams at once, lol.) I like your little finish too. Did you do the colors as charted, or did you pick your own?

  5. Your SAL is so pretty, I love the colors you chose! Nice progress on the Retro cat as well- love that blue :-)