Monday, May 21, 2012

IHSW May and more mail

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was good even though I went off to the comic shop on Saturday instead of posting about my mail like I should have.  Thanks to some odd rules of the US postal service, Topcho thought her first package she sent for our bookmark exchange might have gone astray.  So she very kindly (and quickly) made up more, which arrived last week.  Three more cool bookmarks and a sweet little keychain.  Plus some very nice extras, including a magazine full of patterns to add to my longer than life to do list.  Thank you Topcho for all your hard work!  Speaking of things to add to your to do list, be sure to check out Topcho’s blog (here) for her tutorial on using textile medium on paper napkins for cross stitch.  As the lucky recipient of two bookmarks I can tell you the results are very nice.

Despite its many side effects: tangling, knotting (especially right after dangling to prevent that) and possible fraying, I like using longer than recommended pieces of floss.  I get more done when I tell myself “I’ll just do one thread.”  Of course it also still never goes as far as I think it will, but not surprise there right?  Babbling aside, I’ve finished the short blue side down to the chair top.  I feel I should point out the shape of the building that’s now visible.  It gets filled in with 791 so right now I’m not sure how well that will show up in real life let alone pictures.  So next plan (this week anyway) is to fill in the building and bring the other side down to match.  Then the chair!

Happy stitching World.


  1. Glad you liked your package! Btw I'm for the longer threads too, lol. Because, when I just want to steal myself a moment of stitching, I say Ï'll just stitch and finish one lenght of thread"and I want it to last as long as possible! XD (and no, that's no cheating! XD )

  2. Looking good Tiki. And glad you got the second package. US Mail isn't always too reliable.

  3. What lovely gifts, especially the bookmarks.

    I like longer threads as well - cuts down on so much starting and stopping.