Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Smalls SAL January 2015

This year I decided to make a calendar of sorts.  These designs are all from the book “Sand, Sea and Cross Stitch” by Anna Field.  In the book the designs are in groups of four.  I’m going to do one at a time.  Here’s February.

My plan for starting here is to turn them into pillow ornaments and hang them up in the proper month.  I’ve even found some backing fabric.  This might just work. J

Happy stitching World

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

CSC SAL January 2015

I heard about this SAL on another blog and decided I had to join.  There are two options, large or small.  Ok, three if you do both.  For January at least, I’m going with large.  CSC is very kindly offering The Edwardian Garden Party pattern by Sandy Littlejohn and Deb Lester.  Never being one to turn down a new start, I still decided to go with a different picture.  My Large picture will be the Summer Ball by Sandy Littlejohn.  I started this a long time ago and never worked on it much.  So this is what it looked like at the beginning of January.

 And this is what it looks like now.

I’ve almost made it to the bottom of the picture! J

Happy stitching World

SFS January 2015

Report for January

$ spent 19.00

$ earned 4.00

During the “break” last month, I signed up for the Frosted Pumpkin SAL for the year.  So I spent $11 to get the fabric they suggested.  And I was disappointed because they cut it badly.  I’m pretty sure I can still use it, but I haven’t started yet.  The balance was spent on floss.

What I have started are a lot of SALS.  And then I had to figure out what project to do for each.

YOTA – Retro Cat

SFS – London

CSC – The Summer Ball

FP – Storytime Sampler

Smalls – Monthly Calendar


Since I decided to work on The Summer Ball for the CSC SAL, here I’ll be working on London.  This is a part of a vintage poster set by Maria Diaz.
My finish, which can be seen on my Smalls SAL post (when I make itJ) is the first part of a series.  Size is around 50 x 50.  I’m not claiming anything for the sprite and sandcastle since I started those last year.

Happy stitching World

This is not a SAL post

Once there was a Time Lord in search of a companion.


He met Rose.

They went on to have many great adventures, fighting enemies like

But they also found time for fun.


Like building sandcastles on the beach.

All sprites designed by Dork Stitch.  Sandcastle design by Diane Machin.

Happy stitching World

Saturday, January 10, 2015

YOTA January 2015

Hi there World, how’s your new year going?  It’s time for the first YOTA post of the year.  Is it only me, or is it really easy to let the smallest thing distract you sometimes? (So many questions)  Anyway, I decided when I signed up for YOTA this year that I wanted to finish what I call my Retro Cat picture.  Here is what it looked like as of January 1st.

What it looks like today is pretty much the same.  Of my many choices of starting places I decided I had to do the purple.  Only to discover that I had apparently run out of 209 and completely forgot.  Then I found some in another box and put a few stitches on.  But it’s a different dye lot naturally.  So today I finally picked up some more.  Tomorrow, when I have enough daylight to check it, progress may commence.  I did check the orange I had and it looks good.  That means more chair next month if nothing else.

Be sure to go to Pull the Other Thread and check out all of the other YOTA participants.

Happy stitching World