Monday, December 31, 2012

What do you do on the last day of the year?

Wish everyone a Happy New Year?

Recap the last year?

Plan for the next one?

Actually I thought I’d just mention a couple of recent starts that I’ll be working on in the new year.

Joy by Stitcheree!

I started this for the LNS exchange.  Maybe next year. J  I’ve also made a small start on Stitcheree’s Merry & Bright.  No pictures until I decide whether I started in the right spot.

Mal from the Sprite Stitch forum


This was meant to be in honor of Firefly’s 10th anniversary.  That and I just like it.

Beinvenue by Jardin Prive

My daughter says she likes sheep.  What other reason could I need?

There’s also the sailboat picture I started for my brother, the By the Bay Fall SAL and the Christmas Mystery SAL by The Little Shop Around the Corner.  All of which will provide me hours of entertainment and in no way keep me from starting something new at the drop of a needle.

Happy stitching World.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

WIPocalypse - December

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas.

WIPocalypse projects didn’t see too much activity this month.  On the Ballroom picture I filled in a few stitches along the edge and added a little dark brown.


On Do Not Disturb I finished the light green on the flip flops. (I know – WOWJ)


Mythical Dragon sort of fell by the wayside, but these things will happen.

In the end, no matter how far I didn’t get, everything is farther than it was.  How can you not like that?

I’m thinking of signing up for the sequel.  Next year I’ll just focus on Do Not Disturb.  In between all the other distractions that is!

Happy stitching World.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So Much Cuteness!!!

I received my exchange ornament from Shannon at A Bit of This and That.  Just look at that little gingerbread man!  And the search is on to find the perfect cross stitch pieces to go with that fabric.  Thanks Shannon, I love it all.

Speaking of love and little and cute, this is the ornament I brought home from the LNS exchange.

It was made by the shop owner.  Lucky me!!  I didn’t finish the piece I was going to take. (Something to look forward to I guessJ)  But the piece I did take still made it the biggest one there.  Talk about tiny!  Amazing work.

Hope everyone has a great stitching week.

Happy stitching World.