Saturday, September 24, 2011

I got a little distracted...

From the Retro Cat that is.  I blame it on the extra fabric from the Be Hippie sitting too close to these Halloween designs.  Suddenly I just had to find out how this haunted house would look on there.  The answer so far is pretty good.  That’s mostly because of the purple I think.  Not the first color that comes to mind but it seems to work.

As far as the Be Hippie picture goes there’s some progress to report.  I’ve finished her hair and part of the sun.  Then I started on the words because I like that color. J  I haven’t found a color I like for her headband yet.  I may look at solid colors instead of variegated.

And after that I really did make some progress on the Retro Cat.  I finished all the leaves.  I keep wanting to say that’s one whole color done.  Then I remember the cat’s eyes are green too.  Ah well, getting closer.  I’ll save that picture for next time.
Happy Stitching World.


  1. Cute start on the Halloween House. I'm liking the purple. :)

    How about a nice electric blue headband?

  2. The Haunted house looks really good and great progress on the Hippie girl :D