Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Waiting for Christmas SAL

Near the end of June, Heather (It's geek to me) mentioned a SAL she joined that I had to get in on.  It’s called Waiting for Christmas and is hosted by Manuela at  le crocette di manu.  She designed the pieces that are being done.  The first piece is a really nice tree with the words Silent Night worked in.  I decided to do mine with some Canon Wildflowers from my stash.  Just my luck I’m using the perfect color, evergreen, on something else.  So I went with the next choice, abalone.  Hey, don’t laugh (too much) it actually works fairly well.

 Being much too fascinated with starting things, I’m not as far along as most of the other people.  Check the blog and you’ll see some nice pictures of their finishes.  With those for inspiration I want to finish mine in August and get started on the next piece.

Happy stitching World.

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  1. I think this colour goes great, it's beautiful!