Sunday, September 30, 2012

WIPocalypse September

Not a lot of WIPocalypse progress but a great stitching month.  Earlier in the month I finished Betty and a couple of days ago I finished my Sunset Oval.

I’ve made progress on the Retro Cat.

Last month I wanted to test out this DMC color variation shade (4124) and see if it made a good pumpkin shade.  I think it did. J

The piece is by Glory Bee and is called Pumpkin Man. (catchy title)

Now that Halloween is taken care of it’s time to think about Christmas.  Kate at Momuboocrea Island has very kindly included me in her exchange.  So we’re going to do our 2nd annual Santa exchange.  Unlike her, I haven’t picked the pattern yet, but I do have some ideas.

And then I can always work on my WIPocalypse pieces too.

Happy stitching World.


  1. I like Pumpkin Man -- that thread looks great. And Retro Cat is coming along nicely

  2. Your finishes are so cute! Love them!

  3. Hey Tiki! I really love the sunset oval - it makes my mind wonder to sunnier climes :) The colour variation on the pumpkin gives it a really natural look. Love them :)

  4. The sunset ovel is stunning and the colour variation is perfect for the pumpkin what a great stitching you have done :D Congratulations :)

  5. Very pretty! Nice progress. I love the sunset :D

  6. gorgeous finish :D I love the oval such a simple look for a cool effect!