Monday, September 16, 2013

Theme-A-Licious Somewhere in the middle of September

I finished stitching this piece yesterday. (Honest) While it’s not quite ready to post on the Halloween SAL, it’s perfect for Theme-A-Licious.
Look – words!

Ok, one word.  This is by Glory Bee from the 2013 JCS Halloween Special.  The colors are all from my stash.

The “Wow I want to start something” part of me wants to start a Lizzie Kate piece from one of the Tiny Tidings for my September ornament.  To which the “Geez I need to finish something” part shakes its head at.  So I ignored both parts (and the shreds of my common sense) and bought into the new Lizzie Kate Christmas Mystery Sampler.  I’m calling it a birthday present to myself.  When I started it yesterday, I actually tried to measure out the spacing.  Which was a good thing because I found out the fabric piece was short on one side.  Not cool peeps!  And the LNS never called me to say it was in.  So I’m like a week behind. Good thing I know it won’t be finished by Christmas.  I have it started.  And the moral of all that babbling is nonexistent because I’ll probably start the Tiny Tidings piece soon too. :-) 

Happy stitching World