Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May SALs - Smalls and Stitch from Stash

Do you know what happens when you spill cherry kool-aid on white cross stitch fabric?  It turns pink of course.  Fortunately it’s far enough down that I think it can still be used.  Handy since I was making this at the time.


Cyberman by Dork Stitch.  That and L*K May earlier make for 2 completions this month!!

Stitch from Stash was good this month.  Or maybe I should say I was no worse than normal.  I spent $17.09.  Early in the month I bought “Surfing the Web” by Randall Spangler during the HAED 50% off sale.  Last weekend I hit the floss sale at Joann’s.  Restraint came from their limited stock and my lack of time to go to any other stores.

At the end of April 123-Stitch had a sale that enticed me to use my Christmas gift certificate.  This is what I decided on.


American Flag Quilt Sampler, Quaker gone Tropic and Faith (love the little black sheep).  I really want to start the Quaker piece.  Just need to decide if I like the color variations floss I picked out.

Here’s a nice surprise.  I finally worked on something larger than a small. J


This is my Ballroom picture by Sandy Littlejohn.  I took it out one day to put a few more stitches on it and went a little farther than that.

So that’s May all stitched up.  Here’s hoping June is as nice or nicer to us all.

Happy stitching World


  1. I don't know why, but I really like the ballroom so far! Those details are amazing, and I always get so obsessed with, "I NEED TO FINISH THIS STRAND BEFORE MOVING ON" that I'd never have any progress on a project like that looking so nice until months after I'd started.

    Also, thanks for stitching the Cyberman! I was so sure that pattern was below par that I was thrilled to see it stitched!

  2. What a great mini stitch! Love it. Great stitching on Ballroom and love your new stash!

  3. the cyberman is fab! Sarah in Stitches stitched that American Flag Sampler, it's on her latest blog post

  4. Great new start. Congrats for staying within your SFS budget; you got lots of great stash there!

  5. Great finish! Love your new project.