Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stitch from Stash October

What did I do this month?  As reported earlier, I finished the Santa & Reindeer.  Before that though, there was Batman.

 In the WIP’s and Starts column we have these.

Starry Night with Tardis is on the left.  The start is Reflections of Paris by Ink Circles.  I started it because I bought some Carrie’s Creation Thread online for a Halloween picture.  Turned out Midnight was blue not black.  So I started this instead.


 A magazine, a pattern and 3 skeins of the aforementioned floss.  Total spent $22.00.  I’m going to claim this as budget not bonus.  That way if I find the other British Cross Stitch magazines I think I want; I can use the bonus then.

Speaking of British Cross Stitch magazines.

A blog friend of mine, Kate from The Suddenly Kate Show, was clearing out some of her stash.  So I immediately asked for half. (Such restraint, Ha)  She agreed to send them and I paid the postage. Most of it I think, exchange rates you know.  Thanks Kate!

Happy stitching World



  1. Love your Batman stitch! Which magazines are you looking for?

  2. The Batman one looks great! Nice starts on your new projects.

  3. Brilliant Batman stitch. Nice magazine haul. Happy stitching. xox