Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My SALS Update for February

It seems like just yesterday I had enough time to make all these poses separately.  I think all the snow lately has been too distracting.  Or at least hard to drive through.


I’m working on what I call my seaside calendar.  March is finished.


Hopefully before next month is over, it will end up looking like these.


I haven’t found the right trim to use as hangers for the monthly pieces yet.  Meanwhile I think the mini easel works well.


Stitch from Stash

February spent $16.00, earned $4.00.

This month I spent $16.00 buying some Anchor floss on EBay.  I credit this purchase to not being outbid as much as wanting it.

There’s a little more progress on London to show.


Once I realized I wasn’t going to get to the lettering this month, I tried to finish more of the sky across the top.  Here’s what it’s meant to look like when finished.


This is part of a series by Maria Diaz that was published by Cross Stitch Gold.

Cross Stitch Collection

For this SAL, I’m supposed to be working on my Ballroom picture.  You may not be able to tell, but there was some small progress this month.


There’s some light gray running down the side.  Still looking for the bottom.

Random Things

There were a couple of other things I finished this month.  One was this piece.


It’s part of the Redwork Santas series by Prairie Schoolar, Book # 102

Last, but not least.


This little bird perches on top a purple mason jar.  It is part of a design by Linda Gillum from the book, 99 Cross Stitch Luvable Pets.  Lots to learn about finishing yet, but I like it.  So does my daughter, which is handy because I gave it to her for Valentine’s Day. J

One last spending note.  I decided what to get with my Christmas gift certificate!  Thanks to the sale at 1-2-3, I’m getting the new Ink Circles Reflections of London, a Whispered in the Wind quilt pattern, a Lizzie Kate Easter pattern and some Threadworx floss that might mean a new start!

Happy stitching World


  1. Lots of lovely stitching going on! March is very cute, and I love the London piece, it's so unusual. You must stay away from the bay of evil in future!

  2. Lovely stitching on all your project. Your finishes are really sweet.

  3. Congrats on all of the cute finishes Tiki. I love that London piece. I wish their subscriptions weren't so expensive.


  4. The London piece is brilliant! I planned to do this sea callendar as well. I hope I will manage to do it by the end of this year. Yours looks lovely!

  5. Love your seaside pieces! Cute finishes!
    Congrats on staying in budget!

  6. I am glad I am not the only one who saves gift certificates for sales! It translates to even more stash so why don't more people do it?! :D

    Love the bright colors in the London piece; it seems like it'd be an enjoyable break from miles of infinite confetti stitching haha.

  7. Great finishes! I love the beachy theme. It is so cold outside that it is almost hard to remember that warm beaches exists somewhere.