Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SALS April Update

Stitch from Stash
$42.00 spent
$10.00 earned
After I bought Baked Alaska, I kept looking for the other pattern I “needed” Rainbow Parfait.  Thanks to one of those magical EBay moments I found it.

And along with it I got these.

For the price of two patterns.  Like I said, magical. J

Now I haven’t started any of these – yet – but there has been some stitching.


My stitching fingers led me to work on the left hand side while the rest of me wondered why I wasn’t finishing that middle section.  No matter, sooner or later it will all get done.

There was another purchase.  I bought this issue of Cross Stitch Gold for the Italian picture by Maria Diaz.


In addition to the little bunny I finished earlier and the Smalls piece below there was one more finish.


This is the First Doctor as designed by Dork Stitch.

Smalls SAL

I have a finish!

Cross Stitch Collection

A few more columns on the fireplace.  Moving along. J

Happy stitching World


  1. Beautiful stitching and I love your new stash.


  2. Cute light house finish and great stashing. Enjoy your goodies!

  3. Wonderful stitchung! Love the new patterns!

  4. What a lot of stitching! I love the Italian one too.

  5. What a lot of stitching! I love the Italian one too.

  6. o wow, what an eBay score. Did you manage to buy some spare time too? :D The little April finish is cute, love the waves.

  7. Cute lighthouse and bird. Love the new stash.

  8. It's a lot of great atuff you've got. Congrats on your finish and all your progress.

  9. lol isn't it funny how stash likes to travel with "friends" :) Congrats on both the stashing and the stitching