Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy New Year!

I’ve decided on my goals for 2017:

Stitch more.

Blog more.

Keep it simple right.

Christmas was fun. J

Then I got a cold for New Years K

So my new start was put off – for a day. J

This was in my stash.  When I got 2 more in the set for Christmas, J I thought it was time to start.

I have to admit, what I really thought would be a great start was this.

This was a birthday gift.  It will get started sometime this year. Right after I finally decide on a color.  Or colors.  Could you see this in more than one color?  I can, which only adds to my confusion.

No new finishes to show.  But I did put some older pieces to work.

This was the first time I tried this.  I can see it making a return appearance next Christmas.

As for me, I’m off to do some stitching so I can have something to show next time.

Happy stitching World


  1. I love your Christmas display. Very clever idea. I bought all of those kits last year but haven't started any of them yet. I look forward to seeing you work on yours.


  2. Great Christmas stitching display! I can see Death by Cross Stitch in various shades of purple and blue :-). I'm looking forward to your start to see what you decide on.

  3. What a great Christmas display! Love the Design Works kit....that looks like it will be a fun stitch! As for death by cross stitch, I think no matter what colour or colours you choose, it will be stunning:)