Saturday, January 28, 2012

Big Bang Finished

No really, it’s all done.  My search for what I thought would be the perfect fabric turned up two others that worked out fairly well instead.  The only thing I didn’t plan right was the hanger.  I sewed two jump rings on back and thought I could run a ribbon through it and hang it up. Whoops!  Bunched right up.  Then I stuck a knitting needle through the rings and found the look I wanted.  So since I’m not parting with my knitting needle my brother will just have to find his own hanger.  Strangely I did make it work with a straw as well.  May be I’ll give him one of those. J

Also, I had it around so long I came up with a design for the title.

Between that and working on my WIPocalypse projects I managed a few more stitches on Be Hippie.  I finished the blue swirls in her top.  For my next trick I really need to get that last word done.

Happy stitching World.


  1. Love the Big Bang finish!!!

    Colors of Hippie always makes me smile. :D

  2. Oh my god, I love your finish! It's absolutely epic (and I wouldn't give it to anyone even if it wasn't for the knitting needle, lol) The fabric really is the perfect match and I love your title design!

  3. Wow, the wall scroll design is so cool, and I love the logo motif, too! The fabrics are also very cute. The hippy project looks awesome, too! All of the colors in her dress are excellent.

  4. The Big Bang looks great and a great job on the wording :)

  5. Hi, just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a blog award. I don't know if you're interested in these, but you can take it from my last post :)

  6. Wow gorgeous finish :) I love big bang and the title is awesome