Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stitch, Rip, Repeat

That was my yesterday.  Stitch the part, notice it didn’t line up, rip it out and try again.  Now I finally notice that the reason it still wasn’t right was because the first part wasn’t right. Sigh.  There was only one thing to do – move on to something else. J
So I added some to Be Hippie.  I only had to redo one ray on the sun.  The bottom of her top (?) and the flower were variegated.  Apparently one stitch at a time was easier for me to follow.  Did I have the headband in last time?  I liked the colors in the word hippie so much I blended them together.

Today I went back to what I was working on yesterday.  I took out the offending section (scissors are my friend) and started over.  Then I kept going.  You’ll never guess what happened next.  I finished!

That’s all for now.
Happy stitching World.


  1. Sorry to hear you had to frog. But now Noel looks great! Hooray for the finish!

  2. Hi. Found you on the IHSW blog. I had to frog last night too. Happy stitching this weekend. X

  3. Hello

    Found you on the IHSW list.

    I love your Noel finish it's very cute.

    Hope the frogs leave you in peace now.