Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WIPocalypse - Feb - Tiki Stitches

Project 1 – Ballroom
There are two things about this that are hard to believe.  One is that after all those years of sitting around it’s become twice as large as it was.  The second is that I’ve messed it up already.  Actually that part I believe.  For the sake of progress those two stitches will just have to stay the way they are.

Project 2 – Mythical Dragon
I thought I could move this out in two directions.  Quickly learning the error of my ways I settled for one.  So now we have the top of one wing.  Part of it anyway.  Very soon I should be able to answer the question of which is more annoying – confetti stitches or half stitches in 3 or 4 strands.

Project 3 – Do Not Disturb
It looks like I took the title a little too seriously.  Still there’s some sand on the bottom.  If I need a different color I can start on the green flip flops.

That’s all for this month.
Happy stitching World.


  1. Great progress! Can't wait to hear your verdict on 1/2 stitches or confetti.

  2. Yes I'm doing 1/2 stitches on Rivalry. I don't mind them but it's a pain because you don't start back in the same place and I have to stitch backwards.

  3. Great progress - congratulations

  4. Nice progress on all of these! Can't wait to see more on the dragon and hear what you think about the stitches! I def say I have much more love for the 1/2 stitches than for the confetti. Not enough to prefer them over full crosses though. In my country almost all kits are sold to be stitched in 1/2 stitch (or tent stitch, or gobelin stitch and it probably have a couple other names)only, something I don't like and I have to either rekit, or buy only pattern, usually online. Confetti stitches are hell, but if I have to choose between them and 3/4 stitches, then there'll be 2 hells. I hope you don't have 3/4 here!