Monday, January 21, 2013

IHSW Jan 2013 : the results

Wow, reality must have been off watching football or something because I actually made some progress!  No before shots, but the fact that it looks like this now


is impressive.  I started the weekend with the top five rows and the sky in front of the boat complete. (to the dark blue line) Now you can tell there’s a boat!  The bottom is basically one color, except for the white caps and other random shades of blue.

I thought I’d include a couple of late pictures of things I had finished.  First is the piece I sent to Momuboocrea Island for our Santa/Christmas exchange.

There was a hanger on it when it left.  I just took this picture before I figured out what it would be.

Then there’s Reindeer Yoshi.

He’s a scamp.  I stitched it, I washed it – it bled.  Which basically left me with only one thing to do.  Pre rinse the thread and stitch it again.  Version two actually got sewn together and hung on the tree.  After Christmas, some clever soul (who shall remain nameless) decided to iron out the wrinkles before finally stuffing and sewing it closed.  Guess what happened?  Spots!  Sigh.  I still have to sew it closed but I’m beginning to think it looks good flat.

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Happy stitching World.


  1. Oh Tiki!! your parachuting santa is so cute!!! So sorry to hear Yoshi ran and spotted on you! still a cute finish :)

  2. The blue sky is so pretty!

    I love the hanger!

    Sorry about Yoshi. He needs to learn to control himself!


  3. The blues in your boat project are so pretty. Looking forward to seeing it finished. The Santa piece is so cute! I like the reindeer Yoshi too. He's very cute! Sorry you are having so much trouble with him though.

  4. Hello

    Just found you.

    Your project looks lovely and your other stitching is lovely too.

  5. I am smiling because that hanger is MINE! ALL MINE! :))) thank you once again and you IHSW stitching is going to look great!

  6. Ooh, I love that sailboat great job! And Yoshi sure looks cute!

  7. Yoshi is so cute! And you made some beautiful progress on the sailboat :)

  8. lovely stitching :D Though I can't see the spots on Yoshi he looks awesome.