Monday, June 29, 2015

June SAL Updates

Here we are at the end of June.  With an epic burst of speed stitching and an extra day off, I have something to show.
Stitch from Stash
Spent $25                                                                                                                           Earned $6

Yes, I picked up the two magazines I was after.

So now I have the 3rd part of the dollhouse Maria Diaz did for CSC.  I also have this cool beach picture she did in Gold.  Jeez, you’d think I was a fan or something.  But just to prove it, I stitched down to the start of the letters in London! (M. Diaz, CSG USA Issue #37) And the center top is finally finished.

I was so pleased; I almost kept working on it.  But then I never would have gotten this post written.  As for what I earned, it came from these.

Smalls SAL

The sun piece I finished earlier this month.  June I finished earlier today.  Then I started on July.  I may try to do a Christmas piece next month too.  If I can decide on one in time. J


Not breaking any speed records with this one, but there is progress here too.  More on the fireplace and above.
That's all for now.  Hope it's a good week for everyone.
Happy stitching World



  1. Hey Tiki,, wow! you have a lot of designs to choose from now that you have been stashing. I really like the june small and look forward to July's.

  2. Of course you had to have them~ :D

    The June small is really cute. What will the sun piece be for?

    1. Oops also did you receive the patterns? I kept the receipt if there's a problem!