Monday, February 22, 2016

So it's like this...

Last year I joined the Frosted Pumpkin SAL.  I ordered the fabric straight from the maker and it looks like this.


The mat underneath is 12 ½ x 18 ½.  The fabric is marked 13 x 18.  To add insult to injury, when I took this picture, I decided my feeble attempt at starting might be on the wrong side.  Figures.

Just to prove I never learnJ, I signed up for two SALs this year, Frosted Pumpkin and Cloudsfactory.  This time I ordered the kits.  I thought the fabric company would take more care with the pieces they sent though them.  Apparently I was wrong.


This is the Frosted Pumpkin piece.  A little closer, but still not 13 x 18 according to my rulers.


Here’s the piece for the Cloudsfactory SAL.  I don’t really have a complaint; it’s more of a question.  How is it that the design area, which the pattern tells me is 13 x 13, comes out to be 11 ¾ on the fabric?  I pinned it out every 10 squares down one side to make sure it fits.  All I really did was confuse myself more.

These look like really cute patterns.  So once I finish pinning them out I look forward to starting.  And I’m sure I’ll buy more patterns from both.  I just won't buy fabric.

Happy stitching World


  1. Is it not because hand dyed fabrics shrink in the dying process?

  2. The measurements for hand dyed fabrics are typically the pre-dye measurement. The dyeing process does shrink the fabrics a little, so something like a 28ct might end up more of a 30ct, etc. That's why even when you pinned it out, it seems smaller than possible for the stated fabric count. Even though the fabric is smaller overall, the number of holes doesn't change when dyed. :)

    Picture This Plus is a good dyer, I've ordered and stitched on many pieces of their fabric. :)

  3. My selection of "fancy fabric" around here is very thin -- I did not know the pre-dyeing size thing was a... thing. Huh. Now that I know to watch out, I think would prefer to have the size post-dyeing, both count and physical size. It seems like it'd be less confusing.

  4. I also agree that the fabric measurements are based on the pre-dyeing size and that different fabrics and processes can alter the actual piece of fabric received. Nevertheless, you have some lovely pieces on which to start your projects. :)

  5. You've picked lovely fabricks. I didn't know that the measurements can be different after they are dyed.