Saturday, December 3, 2011


Holidays are so inspirational.  Take this house that’s been haunting me. (Please?!)  A couple of boards on the windows, a light in the doorway and it’s spruced up in time for Santa’s visit.  If the backstitch is done by New Year’s Eve there may even be a party.

While I’ve been neglecting the house and my other two projects I did do a little something else.  My Santa exchange piece with Kate at Momuboocrea Island is called “Checking it twice” by Dragon Dreams.  It’s from the 2007 Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornament issue.  I tweaked a couple of things along the way but I was pleased with the result.  Mine hasn’t come in yet but that just gives me more to look forward to.  Thanks again for doing that with me Kate.  I'm glad you like it. J

I really like Santa.  Traditional and not so much.  Lucie Heaton’s “Have a Cosmic Christmas” and Claire Crompton’s surfing Santa are good examples.   I’m planning on finishing the surfer into a pillow too.  I have some snowflake buttons and the perfect ribbon.

So now we’ve come to the end of this long ramble.  Hope everyone is nice and warm and having a good day.  I’m off to play more Christmas music and find another Santa to make.

Happy stitching World.

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