Sunday, December 4, 2011

Special Happy Dance

I received my exchange piece from Kate at Momuboocrea Island.  So much fun!!
This banner is so cute.  Santa reminds me of a cartoon character which is cool and I love the metallic threads on his outfit and the words.  This will be a great addition to my Christmas decorations.
That wasn’t all!  There’s a great bag with my blog name embroidered on it.  And now I have a cute little kit which I can’t believe I haven’t started yet.  To top it all off, a cute Santa tray I can put my chocolates on. (I can’t believe I haven’t opened those yet either)
Thank you so much Kate!!  Your talent and generosity is much appreciated.


  1. Hi Tiki, I was starting to worry that it wouldn't arrive. You are more than welcome. I was worried you might not like him as he isn't a traditional Santa - I am glad you like the sparkle too as I changed the design. Have a Very Merry Christmas and apologies for the waffle in the christmas card :) Ho Ho Ho!

  2. Awww, what cute stitching and gifts. :D

  3. What a wonderful exchange you received!!