Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa's got his jingle on!

I was flipping through my Christmas patterns for my next Santa and decided on this one.

His face is great but I thought the bell was a nice touch. 
In the meantime I can’t quite bring myself to finish the backstitch on the Haunted House.  So I’ve been doing one thread a day.  Proving that I will go to great lengths to drag this out. Ha.
What I really want to do at the moment are sprites.  Dork Stitch sprites to be precise.  I’m close to finishing Sailor Chibi Moon, which will only leave me Tuxedo Mask to do.  Then last week I started on the Monkees.  Those may not get finished as soon as they should due to Dork Stitch’s post last week of the Big Bang Theory cast.  The whole cast? How cool is that? It will make the perfect Christmas present for my brother so I have to get going on it.  So much fun!

Happy stitching World!

1 comment:

  1. Agreed about Santa's bell. That's a fantastic touch. :D

    Good luck with the backstitching.