Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's Done! It's Done! aka the return of the Retro Cat.

“Don’t Worry Be Hippie” by Barbara Ana is complete.  Huzzah!!

So now it’s on to, or rather back to the Retro Cat.  Here’s what it looked like when last seen.

Admittedly it still looks the same since I haven’t worked on it yet. J But there’s a new week of stitching to look forward to so I plan to make some progress on that blue of the window.

Happy stitching World.


  1. Oh, congratulations! The project looks really bright and cool, and the backstitching, especially on the dove, is fantastic! Retro cat looks like it'll be just as cool, too! Good luck stitching it!

  2. Hippie Girl looks great, the back stitching on the bird and the flower really does the trick. Good job.

  3. Congrats on the finish! It looks great! My favourite part is the flowers in her hair. Good luck with the retro cat, I[m pretty curious about it :D
    Btw, any post news? :? I'm starting to worry, it's been almost 3 weeks.

  4. Yay! Time to party! lol She looks great :)

  5. WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Congrats on Hippie Girl. She looks fabulous. :D