Saturday, March 3, 2012

More of the same.

I was going to complain about this not being done yet but that’s just a waste of time.  Kind of like yesterday when I managed not to stitch at all.  Not the kind of March madness to indulge in.

So today I stitched.  And to prove it all the stitching is in.  All there is left is the backstitch.  Which should be easy but given the way I go about these things who knows? J

Happy stitching World.


  1. hello

    Just stopping by to admire your WIP, she is so cute and the colours are great.

  2. I just ordered a chart by this designer, I love her bright colors.

  3. All the cross stitching is done and she's awesome! I'm sure you'll be doing the happy dance for finishing Be Hippie very soon!

  4. LOL!! We've all done that "should've stitched but didn't" bit. I just did it this last Thurs and Fri. This will be done in no time. :D

  5. Very cute design. She's nearly done. Look forward to happy dancing with you.


  6. She is looking really good, can't wait to see the finish :)