Friday, April 19, 2013

Start with a Finish

So I thought up this cool blog title. J  Then I had to make it come true.  Here’s the result.


Doctor #2 by Dork Stitch.  Now I just have 4 & 9 to go.  I would say I’d work on them this weekend, but Mal is clamoring for attention.  Which also means I could put them all aside and work on something else!  At least IHSW is off to a good start.

Happy stitching World.


  1. A great start and finish. I love these little guys, they are so cute. Hope you have a great IHSW

  2. Aww he's so cute! For now I've only stitched the last doctor, but I need to catch up with the rest!

  3. The start of your stitching weekend went better than my entire one did, if this is to be believed! Thank you so much for stitching him! ^^ Your stitching is always so good!