Monday, April 15, 2013

Theme-A-Licious Mid April

It’s Amazon April!  So far I’ve worked on my biggest picture, The Summer Ball, twice.  The impressive part of that would be if it was twice as large as it was before.  Not yet, but it is bigger.


For my Santa ornament for the month I picked one from the book, 365 Christmas Designs by Kooler Designs.  White on antique white is as much fun as white on white (who knew).  Still, that part is done and things should get more colorful from now on.


I leave you today with one final thought.  If it’s the 15th of April, why is this the view out of my door? J


Happy stitching World.


  1. I have had many issues with my dedication to Summer Ball, it's just not a fun stitch. I hope you don't have the same problems!

    Even though it's pretty muggy here this morning, I don't think I'll trade you weather (even though it is very pretty!).

  2. Well good stitching, yes I can believe White on white is a pain! Glad it will be more colorful soon.
    Yeah you can keep the snow! It's 80 and a bit muggy here in TN. I'm glad I've got my allergy meds now!